torn paper art activities for kids

Torn Paper Art Activities for Children to Help Fine Motor Development

Are your children full of energy and need a fun, engaging activity that promotes their creativity? Look no further than torn paper art activities!

Torn paper art is a feasible, low-cost activity that can help children develop and fine-tune their motor skills. It’s also an excellent way to nurture your child’s artistic side. So why not get started today?

What is Torn Paper Art?

Torn paper art involves tearing pieces of paper in varying sizes and colors, arranging them on top of different shapes and patterns, and gluing them onto another surface to create a picture or design. This art form allows for a unique and textured result that provides a versatile, entertaining activity for all ages.

Torn paper art techniques have been used for centuries, and it’s a form of entertainment that’s not only applicable to children but also extends to people of all ages and skill levels.

What Materials Do You Need for Torn Paper Art

Torn paper art is an activity that doesn’t require you to break the bank. Below is a list of materials you need to get started with your own projects.

  • Paper: Paper is the basic building block of your project, and you can choose to use any type you want, from construction paper to magazines and even tissue paper. The paper you select can come in various colors and thicknesses, adding vividness and texture to your artwork.
  • Scissors: Scissors can be essential for torn paper art, especially when you need precise cuts and measurements. While you can tear the paper by hand, scissors can help you cut the paper into the desired size and shape more easily. Remember to keep a close eye on your children while they’re using scissors.
  • Glue: To attach the torn paper to a canvas, you can use any glue, such as a glue stick, liquid glue, or glue gun. However, monitoring your children when they use glue to ensure their safety is essential.
  • Surface: You can use any paper, canvas, or flat surface to create and display your torn paper art. This allows for various creative possibilities and makes the art accessible to everyone.
  • Optional Materials: Optional decorations such as glitter, paint, or markers may be added if desired.
Torn paper art activities for kids

Torn Paper Art Instructions

Now that you’ve gathered all the required materials, let’s learn how to make torn paper art.

  • Choose a design or picture that you want to replicate in the form of torn paper art. Lightly sketch its outline on a piece of paper with a pencil.
  • Take your paper and tear it into small pieces. Be sure to use colored paper to match the color of your design or picture. For this step, you can either do it by hand or use your scissors.
  • Start gluing the torn pieces of paper onto the outline you’ve sketched, starting with the larger pieces for the bigger parts of the picture and gradually adding smaller pieces to fine-tune the intricate details. 
  • Continue the gluing process until the picture is covered with torn pieces of paper. You can choose to overlap multiple pieces of paper, layering them to give your artwork a sense of depth and texture.
  • Trim any excess paper around the edges to give it a polished look, and allow the glue to dry fully before displaying your torn paper art.

Popular Torn Paper Art Designs

While you can choose to create virtually anything that you can think of, here are some popular designs to help inspire you.

Torn Paper Animals

Every child has a favorite animal. Why not ask your child to draw theirs and create a 3D version using torn and glued pieces of colored paper? The result will surely be a beautiful and unique animal design that your child will proudly display.

Torn Paper Portraits

Children can easily create portraits of themselves, their family, and their friends using different shades of paper. They can add details like hair, clothing, and facial features to make their portraits more realistic and personalized.

Torn Paper Mosaics

Mosaics are a popular and sophisticated art form, and now you and your children can easily create them using nothing more than different colored papers.

Torn Paper Landscapes

Beautifully colored landscapes can be created on a large canvas using different sizes and thicknesses of paper to represent trees, mountains, and the sky.

Torn Paper Cards

Children can create aesthetically pleasing cards for different occasions and events simply by using torn paper. They can add personal messages and decorate them further with stickers and glitter, among other materials.

Torn Paper Collages

Create one-of-a-kind collages featuring anything from pictures of friends to special moments in your child’s life.


Engaging in artistic activities not only stimulates the brain and develops motor skills but also creates a perfect opportunity for you to bond with your child. Torn paper art activities are an excellent way to allow your child’s creative genius to shine through. 

This simple yet fun-filled activity results in a beautiful personal creation that your child can proudly show off and hang in their room. So, why not indulge in this delightful activity with your child?

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