We love playing with our nugget couch and finding new ways to play with it has been so much fun! We have loved coming up with new build ideas to expand our pretend play scenarios. We have loved being able to climb, jump, and slide to burn off some of the kids energy especially in the winter months!

Check out these super fun nugget couch ideas to help your child find new ways to play and build with the Nugget couch!

We absolutely love to use our Nugget couch everyday! We are not affiliated with Nugget Comfort Couches in any way, we just love to play with our Nugget couch and it has greatly helped us over the cold winter months to get out our wiggles and energy! I wanted to share with you some of our favorite builds and how we like to play with our nugget couch! The names of the builds are just fun names that my kids and I came up with! If you want to check out the new nuggets you can go to the nugget website!

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Nugget Couch Ideas

We have loved the versatility of our Nugget couch and it is one of our toys that we actually play with everyday because of the endless options for changing up play ideas!

My two kids have loved being able to burn off energy by having a fun and safe place to jump, climb and slide down the Nugget builds. They also love creating forts to hide away and play with their stuffed animals. They love coming up with new pretend play areas with the Nugget couch as well.

We love coming up with new Nugget Couch ideas and we wanted to create an ultimate resource for other parents looking for build and play ideas too!

One Nugget Build Ideas

We got our first nugget couch back in 2019 when my son was one year old and we have loved playing with it every day since! I have loved seeing the different way we have been able to play with the Nugget couch as he has gotten older now.

There are so many endless opportunities to play with one nugget couch and we created an awesome list of 18 different build ideas. You can check out all of the One nugget build ideas by checking out this resource: Super Fun One Nugget Builds to Expand Play!

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Ensure a Safe Playtime with your Nugget Couch

I created a post to help your children, and you stay safe while playing with the nugget couch. You can check out all of the safety tips and tricks here.

Two Nugget Build Ideas

We recently purchased out second nugget couch this Christmas for our daughter to add to our build ideas and we have absolutely loved it! We have so many new build ideas and configurations that it really ups the play ideas! The builds have been able to be so much bigger and it is great for two kids because there are so many two house options. They can each have a little area to play.

If have two nuggets and are looking for two nugget build ideas you should check out these great resources:

Nugget Couch Slide Ideas

My Kids absolutely love making different side builds with the Nugget. They love sliding down themselves, but it is always fun to slide down balls, cars, trucks, and animals too! We love adding our climbing tunnel and laundry basket to slide builds to add in more fun too!

Check out these super fun Nugget Couch Slide builds to help your child play and explore!

Nugget couch build ideas

Three Nugget Build Ideas

We don't have three nugget couches yet, but if we did I would love to create some of these awesome builds! If you have three nugget couches you can check out some of these amazing build ideas!

Nugget Obstacle Course Ideas

We love to play the floor is lava or set up different obstacle courses and pretend that we are making super Mario levels. The nugget couch as been a lifesaver for us over the winter months to allow my kids to burn off their energy indoors. We love creating new obstacle course ideas! Check out these fun obstacle course ideas to add to your fun adventures!

Nugget Couch Accessories Ideas

There are a lot of fun things to add to your nugget couch to add in even more fun!

We love adding in: Pillows, Blankets, balls, cars, stuffed animals, and a crash pad that is a big stuffed animal holder that we filled with extra blankets and pillows.

If you are looking for even more fun ideas you can add to your Nugget Builds check out these posts!

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