Calm Kids Corner: Your Emotional Guide


Calm Kids Corner: Your Emotional Guide

Nurture emotional growth in children with this intuitive visual toolkit. Teach kids to effectively understand and express their emotions, needs, and calming strategies. Bonus materials included. Empower a child’s emotional journey today.

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Calm Kids Corner: Your Emotional Guide

Do you wish to simplify the complexities of emotions for your child? Want to empower their emotional journey with understanding, empathy, and resilience? The Calm Kids Corner: Your Emotional Guide is here to provide the guidance you need.

This comprehensive toolkit offers a range of visual aids to help children identify their emotions, understand their needs, and effectively apply calming strategies. Designed with care and compassion, the toolkit is a perfect resource for parents, teachers, and therapists committed to nurturing emotional growth in children.

The Calm Kids Corner includes:

  1. Calm Down Helpers: A range of visual strategies to help children self-soothe during moments of overwhelm.
  2. Identify Your Needs: A unique tool to help children understand what their bodies and minds need in different scenarios. You will also get a poster with real life photos of the different needs.
  3. Name Your Feeling: A colorful guide to assist children in articulating their emotions clearly. You will also get real life photos of children expressing the feelings.
  4. Name Your Zone: A regulation tool based on the green, blue, yellow, and red zones to help children understand and manage their emotions.
  5. Ground Yourself: A sensory guide for grounding, encouraging children to use their five senses to manage stress.
  6. How Big Is the Problem: A scale to help children assess the size of their problems and react appropriately.

But there's more! Order the Calm Kids Corner now and receive exclusive bonus materials designed to further enhance your child's emotional journey:

  • Breathing Exercises Visual Cards and Poster
  • Calming Strategies Poster and Cards
  • A-Z Affirmation Cards and Coping Strategies
  • Calm Yoga Poses Cards for Kids

Empower a child's emotional journey today with the Calm Kids Corner: Your Emotional Guide. Providing a bridge to emotional understanding, it's the perfect tool to foster empathy, resilience, and emotional intelligence in children.

Order now, and let's nurture emotionally strong children together, one emotion at a time.


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