Emotions Bingo Game Printable for Preschoolers
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Free Emotions Bingo Game for Preschoolers to Learn and Explore Feelings

Inside: Get your Free Emotions Bingo Printable Game to help your child learn and explore a variety of feelings.

Learning about emotions can happen during everyday activities, but playing games and having fun while learning about emotions and feelings can also be fun. Bingo is a game you can play with your child while also learning various skills.

Check out the benefits of playing Bingo with your child and helping them to learn to recognize and identify different emotions in a fun and interactive way!

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Free Emotions Bingo Game

You can help your child to learn to recognize different emotions by looking at real life photos while playing a fun interactive game! While playing the Emotions Bingo game your child can learn about these emotions:

  • happy
  • sad
  • mad
  • frustrated
  • tired
  • silly
  • excited
  • surprised
  • scared
  • shy

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Free emotions bingo game printable

Materials Needed:

  • paper or cardstock
  • laminator
  • scissors
  • bingo chips or small manipulative to cover the bingo spaces
  • (you could use small cubes, coins, pony beads, blocks or small erasers as an example to cover up the pictures.)

How to Set Up:

  • Print out the Bingo cards, calling cards, and calling cards mat. You may want to print on cardstock and laminate them to increase durability.
  • Cut out the bingo mats and calling cards with scissors.
  • Give a bingo card to each player.

How to Play:

  • Hand out the bingo cards to the child/children.
  • Get your small manipulative to cover up the bingo spaces in a container that the children can grab.
  • The parent/teacher will select a calling card and tell the group what emtion to look for on the bingo card.
  • Show them the calling card picture and they will cover up the emotion with a small manipulative on their bingo card.
  • The first person to get on entire row covered shouts “bingo!”
  • You can leave the free space open.

Get your Free Emotions Bingo Game for Preschoolers

Free emotions bingo game printable

What your Child can Learn while Playing the Emotions Bingo Game

The Emotions Bingo game can support your child's development of:

  • listening skills
  • fine motor manipulation picking up and placing the small manipulative
  • recognizing and identifying emotions
  • visual discrimination skills
  • self-regulation skills
  • following directions

You can even adapt the game and change up the rules to fit your child and add in a variety of different skills!

Teaching Emotions to Preschoolers

Here are some ideas on different skills to teach when it comes to teaching your child about emotions and feelings. 

  • Helping the child identify and label different emotions
  • How to talk about feelings
  • Teaching kids about healthy expression of emotions 
  • Helping the child connect different experiences with emotions
  • How to pick up on the feelings and emotions of others
  • Helping them understand what is happening in their brain to control their emotions and feelings 
  • Teaching kids how to have a positive mindset, self-talk, and self-motivation skills 

You can learn more about teaching emotions from Proud to be Primary, where she has a post about Lessons and Activities to Build Self-Awareness. The Center for Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation at Georgetown University has a great post with real-life examples and situations on how you can teach emotions to kids. You can check out the post here.

Emotions Bingo Printable Free Download

Emotional Development for Preschoolers and Toddlers

Navigating preschoolers and toddlers emotions can feel overwhelming especially since they can have such big emotions and they may not know how to handle their emotions. As the parent or caregiver it can feel overwhelming to help them navigate such big emotions and to help them regulate their bodies. 

Something to help you navigate such big feelings is to have a better understanding of their emotional development. You can check out these great resources to help you understand your child’s emotional development. 

You can learn all about the emotional stages of development and a child's emotional needs here.

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Emotions Faces printable

Showing your child different faces of kids expressing different emotions can be a powerful tool to help your child to identify their own feelings as well as the feelings of others. Adding a great visual can be helpful for them to navigate their emotions and can help give you great conversations with your child about emotions. 

You can get a free copy of Emotions Face Cards for Kids to help them identify emotions.

Free printable emotion faces cards for kids

Emotions Faces Playdough Mats 

Using hands on learning activities such as Playdough activities is a great way to work on connecting with your child and helping to teach them about emotions and feelings. You can get your free download of Playdough Face mats to help your child learn to make different faces out of Playdough. This allows you opportunities to talk about different emotions and feelings with a hands on sensory experience. You can learn more about it here a Fun and Simple Playdough Faces Activity to Teach Kids about Emotions and Feelings.

Playdough Face Mats Printable Featured Image

Emotions and Feelings Chart

Recognizing and identifying one’s emotions is a very important life skill for your child to learn. Thus, teaching children as early as possible how to identify and express their emotions is an essential part of their growth and development. Asking them every day about how they feel is a crucial tool for improving their emotional intelligence.

Using a printable feelings chart can be an added visual you can use to help your child learn to identify their emotions and help their emotional intelligence.

Get your free printable feelings chart here and learn how to use this with your child. 

Free Printable Feelings Chart for preschoolers
Click the image to get your free printable feelings chart.
Free emotions bingo game printable

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