Fizzy Dinosaur Eggs Experiment for Kids

Fizzy Dinosaur Eggs Fun and Colorful Play Idea for Kids

My son loves playing with dinosaurs right now and I love coming up with activities and experiments that spark his interests! Dinosaurs grab his attention and help his imagination grow. We loved connecting and having fun together while watching the fizzy dinosaur eggs hatch.

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Fizzy Dinosaur Eggs Activity

This simple activity will be Dino-mite for kids who love to play with dinosaurs! They can help you set it up and then watch the colorful bubbly fizzy dinosaur eggs hatching. You can explore dinosaur names, colors, reactions, conversation skills, and connect with your child.

tall image of fizzy dino eggs hatching

Supplies Needed to Make Fizzy Dinosaur Eggs

supplies for making fizzy dinosaur eggs

You will want to gather these supplies:

  • Baking soda
  • vinegar
  • food coloring
  • large bowl
  • water
  • condiment container (to spray vinegar and water) You could also use a dropper, squeeze water bottle, or peri bottle.
  • a tray or container to place the fizzy dinosaur eggs on once created
  • measuring cups (1 cup and 1/4 cup)
  • small dinosaurs
  • mixing spoon
  • (I was originally going to use plastic Easter eggs to form the egg shape, but it was easier to just use my hands.)

How to Make Fizzy Dinosaur Eggs

  1. I added 3 cups of baking soda to a large bowl.
adding 3 cups of baking soda to bowl.

2. Next I added some drops of green food coloring as that is my sons favorite color and mixed it together.

Food coloring can stain so you may want to wear gloves or protect your table.

adding food coloring to baking soda

3. Then I added 1/4 cup of water to the bowl and mixed until it formed a paste.

adding water to baking soda

4. I mixed the baking soda and water to form this paste consistency. If it is dry you can add in a little more water.

baking soda paste mixture

5. I started using my hands to form an egg shape and placed the dinosaur in the middle.

putting a small dino in baking soda fizzy egg

6. I covered the dinosaur up with the baking soda mixture.

forming a fuzzy dino egg

7. I was able to form 7 fizzy dinosaur eggs out of the baking soda paste.

7 baking soda eggs and condiment containers with vinegar and water

Hatching your Fizzy Dinosaur Eggs 

Now it is time to see the small dinosaurs hatch and create a fun bubbly mixture.

I added about 50% white vinegar and 50% water to the two condiment bottles. Then I told my son where he could squeeze the mixture and how to keep him safe during the experiment.

bubbly fizzing dinosaur eggs

Together we watched the dinosaur eggs hatch and fizz out of the eggs.

squirting vinegar onto baking soda eggs

My son was very interested in seeing what the mixture felt like. We watched the dinosaurs hatch and talked about what dinosaurs we saw. I could dump off the extra liquid and let him keep making more fizzy mixtures with the baking soda still on the tray.

pointing to the hatching fizzy eggs

This is what our tray looked like once he was done hatching the fizzy dinosaur eggs.

aftermath of fizzy Dino eggs

The Science of What Happens

What happens when you mix baking soda and vinegar?

In short, the alkaline bicarbonate of baking soda reacts with the acidic vinegar to create carbon dioxide. A chemical reaction occurs when the baking soda meets the vinegar, resulting in a fizzy mixture of bubbles!

You can learn more about it here.

Conversation questions you can ask your child during the activity

  • What dinosaur will we find inside?
  • What color is the dinosaur?
  • How many dinosaurs have we hatched?
  • What do you think happens when we add the vinegar to the baking soda egg?
  • Why do you think it bubbles up?
  • What dinosaur did we find?

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