Calm Kids Corner: Your Emotional Guide

Every child deserves the freedom to explore their emotions in a safe, understanding space. That’s why I’ve designed the “Calm Kids Corner: Your Emotional Guide” – an engaging, empowering, and interactive tool specially curated to nurture emotional growth in children.

Unlock the Door to Emotional Understanding

As a parent, therapist, or teacher, navigating a child's emotions or teaching them coping strategies is difficult. I get it, and I'm here to support you. The toolkit simplifies the complexities of emotions, helping children understand, express and manage their feelings with empathy and ease.

Unlike traditional Calm Down Corners, the digital toolkit doesn't stop at simply helping a child regulate their emotions and regain physical control.

Instead, it includes a one-of-a-kind chart for identifying unmet needs — the very root of ALL negative behaviors. It’s a tool specifically designed for children aged 3-8 years old to identify emotions, unveil needs, connect to calming tools, and regain emotional and physical control.

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Empower Their Emotional Journey

Children can identify their emotions, understand their needs, and apply calming strategies effectively with visually intuitive tools. It’s a helping hand to guide them through their feelings, encouraging resilience and self-confidence along their emotional journey.

What's Included in the Calm Kids Corner?

The pack includes:

  • Calm Down Helpers
  • Identify Your Needs
  • Name Your Feeling
  • Name Your Zone
  • Ground Yourself
  • How Big Is the Problem?
  • Calm Corner/Calm Area Posters
  • It's Okay To Poster
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These are not just tools, but bridges to emotional understanding. They empower children to navigate their emotions, foster empathy, and build resilience.

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But Wait, There's More!

Order now and get exclusive access to a set of valuable bonuses designed to enhance your child's emotional journey further:

  • Breathing Exercises Visual Cards and Poster: Simplified and engaging visuals to guide children through calming breathing exercises.
  • Calming Strategies Poster and Cards: Quick, handy strategies to help children calm down during overwhelming moments.
  • A-Z Affirmation Cards and Coping Strategies: Build their self-esteem and resilience with affirmations and coping strategies from A-Z.
  • Calm Yoga Poses Cards for Kids: Easy-to-follow yoga poses for kids to incorporate relaxation into their daily routines.

These bonus resources aren’t just extras, they are a toolbox full of effective strategies to foster calmness, confidence, and emotional intelligence.

calm down corner bonuses

It’s time to equip your child with the emotional vocabulary they need to thrive, backed by understanding and care. Join us on this journey and empower a child to navigate their emotional world with ease and confidence.

Name your Feeling
Identify your Needs: Calm Down Corner Kids
Calm Down Helpers: Calm down corner for kids
Identify your zone: calm down corner for kids
Ground Yourself: calm down corner for kids
size of the problem: calm down corner toolkit for kids

Together, we can make a difference in a child’s emotional journey. Thank you for your understanding, patience, and commitment. Let’s nurture emotionally strong children, one emotion at a time.

Remember that all the resources are digital files. This allows you to print them out as needed, making the Calm Kids Corner: Your Emotional Guide a sustainable, flexible tool that grows with your child's needs. Order today and start the journey of emotional understanding.